Billionaires Apparel at Adventure Club

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Recently, i got the chance to work with a company i’ve admired for quite some time. Billionaires Apparel is a lifestyle brand & apparel company centered around creating high quality lifestyle wear inspired by the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. When the opportunity arose for me to work closer with them, i decided to jump on it. Currently, i’m working with them behind the scenes on some projects (including their upcoming 3 Year anniversary party) and my first time out in the public with them was at the Adventure Club show in Charlotte, NC at the Fillmore.


My duties included being a brand ambassador, helping set up and break down the company’s merchandise booth at the venue, keeping track of stock and selling various items including T-shirts, hats, hat pins, cell phone cases, stickers, sunglasses, and other gear. I was also in charge of keeping stock and selling official merchandise for Adventure Club (a popular electronic dance music duo based out of Montreal, Quebec).


In addition to these services, i decided to bring my camera along (just in case there happened to be any down time) to capture some footage throughout the night. I figured this would be a good way to re-cap the event and generate more traffic to the brand’s social media outlets in the days following the event. Here’s some photos i shot and edited:

I didn’t initially plan on shooting video; it was more of an impulse thing where i decided to capture some moments on a whim just to see how they would come out. I was pretty happy with the results and acquired enough footage to piece together this basic re-cap video from the night. It’s now featured on Billionaires Apparel’s official YouTube page: