Phoenix Nightclub (2011-2013)

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The Challenge

The building that sits at 300 N. College Street has been home to some of the most successful nightclubs in Charlotte, NC. What once reigned as Mythos transformed into The Forum. In April of 2011, Phoenix was introduced as the new hotspot. 3 months later, Kevin Mitchell (experienced nightlife consultant, event coordinator at Phoenix, and owner of promotional company Sugar Society), was venturing on to new opportunities. Phoenix Nightclub was on the hunt for a successor.

The Solution

To steer the venue in the right direction, I was brought on board Phoenix’s management team as marketing manager and event coordinator (July 2011- July 2013). This challenging, fast-paced work environment led me to piece together over 300 events in a two year time span.

Weekly Duties

  • Maintained a calendar of events for the venue
  • Researched and booked qualified, innovative talent (on a local and international scale) to perform at the venue
  • Sought out local and regional promoters and promotions companies that targeted various demographics to help execute events at the venue.
  • Updated social media: in the process, acquired over 3,000 new “likes” on the venue’s fan page

Other Duties

  • Contract execution including technical and hospitality riders
  • Created brands for recurring events to make them distinct and memorable
  • Formed a reliable team of designers, photographers and videographers to generate promotional materials for print and web advertising. With my expertise in Advertising and Graphic Design, I joined in to help with generating multimedia. I also generated copy for use in radio advertising.
  • Updated and helped re-design Phoenix’s website to for better usability
  • Created and maintained Phoenix’s YouTube account
  • Acted as a host for various events

Notable Events I Coordinated

Brands I Created