Soul Gastrolounge

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Highly regarded as one of Charlotte, NC’s top hotspots is Soul Gastrolounge. The tapas lounge created their own formula for success, and in my opinion it’s comprised of three main elements; Savory foods that have you coming back for more, innovative hand-crafted cocktails, and a unique DJ-driven soundtrack that ties the overall experience together.


As one of the resident DJ’s at the lounge, I’m given the reigns to set the vibe for the night. This trust allows me to use my audio branding expertise to dial in on what sounds compliment the unique atmosphere, and filter out the ones that don’t. I look forward to working with their hardworking and friendly team each night I’m there.

Do you own or manage a venue, restaurant or bar? If you’re looking to create or enhance your own success story, audio branding may be the missing link. I’d love to help.

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