Tools of the Trade: Canon S100

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So i’m starting to get a lot more into photography + videography to document various projects. I was on the hunt for a new camera, and was torn on what to get. I wanted awesome photo and video capture quality, but I didn’t want to spend too much. Above all, i really like compact gear.

Despite their awesome photo/video capture quality, I pretty much ruled out DSLR cameras. They are big and bulky, and more than i wanted to spend. Plus, lenses can be a very expensive extra cost.

I did some research and found out about ILC (Interchangeable Lens Cameras). They are pretty much a slimmed down versions of DLSR cameras with the same great quality. They were still a little bit above my price range, so i researched a bit more. I did some research on advanced point and shoot cameras, and stumbled upon the Canon S100. Reviews online and were all of high recommendation. This S100 has a lot of manual controls that are featured on more expensive DSLRs and ILC cameras, and the quality shots i saw online looked great.


Upon some more research, there actually was a minor “recall” (for lack of better word) on certain versions of the camera where the fixed lens would actually get stuck when zoomed to it’s full extent. Canon said it was only affected on specific model serial numbers.

I went to a local camera shop that happened to have one out of the box, last one in stock. I asked to see it and immediately looked for the serial number. Luckily, the model in my hands was one of the units not affected by the lens glitch error. I ended up leaving the store that day as a proud owner of the Canon S100.

(read more here about which models are effected).