Why Do You Need a Website?

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In today’s world, first impressions of a business are typically made online through the internet. What’s interesting is that you may not get a second chance to make an impression if your online presence isn’t portraying your business at its best. Without a website, your business relies on information from third party websites and reviews others have written about your …

How Much Should I Spend on Marketing?

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With so many marketing options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to focus and how much you should spend. After reading some best-selling classics (Good to Great by Jim Collins and Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson), we did some research and found some answers. Experts say a good number for small businesses to aim for is at …

3 Reasons Why We Use WordPress

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It’s the #1 Content Management System in the World Of all websites built with a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress powers 43% and is growing. Shopify is next in line at 4.3%, but we only recommend considering it if you plan on selling products on your website. Wix and Squarespace each rank below 2% and are best suited for solopreneurs …

5 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

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It’s Not Responsive More than 50% of web traffic worldwide comes from a mobile phone. If your website is not responsive (optimized for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers) you are missing out on a huge audience and potential business. It Looks Outdated Did you know that 75% of website visitors make judgements about a company’s credibility based on …

The Importance of Website Maintenance

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I want you to get the MOST out of your website. My success comes when I deliver a project to a customer that gives them a return on investment. Essentially, I succeed when I help my customers succeed. I also have some in-depth knowledge about what makes websites successful that many clients haven’t been exposed to yet. I really want …

Web Terminology 101

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Domain name A domain name is the name of a website. If someone asks how to find you online, what you tell them is your domain name. Examples of domain names: Google.com, Facebook.com, Amazon.com When creating a website you will need to purchase a domain name. Anyone can purchase a domain name from a registrar. After finding a domain name …

Save yourself time, money and the headache

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There are many reasons why you should choose a specialist over cheaper alternatives or do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions, but in this article we are going to focus on the top reasons why; It saves you time, money, and the headache.